In the spotlight

We love to celebrate great news. We’re excited and proud to share a snapshot of soaring success stories featuring our diverse range of talent. We can only fit a tiny selection here so do check back regularly to see what our awesome performers and creatives are up to!

Peter Pan

Marianna Neofitou joins a starstudded cast in the role of Wendy in Peter Pan at the Deco Theatre, Northampton. For more information or for tickets,

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An Argument About Sex

An argument about sex is a response to Pierre de Marivaux’s comedy, la dispute originally set in the height of aristocracy’s power in France before

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Halo Boy

After a highly successful 2008, where he completed filming the lead in feature, journey to the moon and presenting for new channel Kidisco, Jassa Ahluwalia

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Britain’s African Emperor

Matthew Wade has completed filming the role of Emperor’s Son, Caracalla, in the documentary Britain’s African Emporer. The documentary will be shown as part of

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