Samantha How, Founder & CEO, Simon Penn , Founder & COO

Who we are

Our Home

At Simon & How we’ve created a warm, caring and inclusive home for our clients and our team. A reassuring and supportive safe-haven in a fast-moving, chaotic world of constant change and pressure.

We’ve also filled our home with opportunity. Passionately representing our clients and nurturing our team to achieve recognition for what they love to do most in the world. Helping each and every one of them to fulfil their goals and reach for their dreams.

Our Vision

The agency that exciting, creative and talented people are proud to call home.

Our Mission

Inclusively representing creative, talented people from all backgrounds whilst passionately developing their careers.

Our Story

Simon and Sam have been in the talent industry for their entire careers. The pair were brought together in 2005 and their joint energy and passion for nurturing talent quickly ignited a spark that officially became Simon and How in 2007.

Sam laughs as she explains the agency name, “We decided on Simon & How after realising that Simon & Sam sounded like a pop duo and Penn & How felt more like an accountancy firm.”

“As well as that pair of American magicians!” adds Simon.

The partnership has created its own brand of magic. There are now 10 agents representing a diverse list of actors, dancers, and creatives, which still includes some of the original clients.

They are very different in some ways, “Simon’s hilarious, he’s so funny! He’s also more of a risk taker and that’s great because he stretches me out of my comfort zone.”

Cue Simon the comedian, “Sam sweeps up after my glitter!”

“Seriously though,” he quickly adds, “Sam pulls me into line. She really focuses me. We’re yin and yang, it’s a great balance.”

At Simon & How we are proud to inclusively represent a diverse array of talent, passionately developing their careers whilst keeping them grounded, safe, and at home in our care.

Every member of our team shares our values: Collaboration, Ambition, Achievement, Passion, Positivity, Individuality, and Energy.

We’ll post any current job opportunities here. That said, we’re always on the lookout for potential people that fit with our ethos.

If you are an experienced and passionate Agent or Assistant looking to find a new home in a thriving talent agency then we would love to hear from you.

Simply send your CV and a cover letter to

We promise that all applications are handled with discretion and respect.

This shared sense of fun is part of the special atmosphere at the agency.

And there’s also a genuine sense of their shared values. They both want to create a positive, enjoyable, exciting place that the talent and the agents are proud to call home. And they’re both serious and passionate about diversity and inclusivity.
“They are more than buzzwords for us” says Simon as he explains Simon & How’s pioneering and unique partnership with Access All Areas. The agency represents several actors with learning disabilities working closely with them to secure leading roles on TV and in the UK’s leading theatres.
Staying true to their mission of discovering diverse talent also means that Simon and Sam encourage their agents to actively seek new clients beyond the doors of the top drama schools.

Reflecting on their journey Sam says, “It’s been a huge adventure getting here. We’re leaders now and have a responsibility to our team. Of course, there have been challenges. In the early days casting directors were unwilling to give us briefs, then there was that scary moment of employing our first agent. But we’ve learnt from every experience. And we’re ready to explore a new era for the agency, to share our vision and values with our team and our clients.

So, what does home mean to them both? Sam’s answer is quick and concise, “My siamese cat and a smokey whisky!”. Simon took longer to reply, “I’ve given this question more deep thought than the meaning of life. I’d always thought of home in the context of where I currently live. It’s not. It’s who I’m with. Lockdown gave me this answer. It’s what you miss the most right? I missed the company of our company. Everything about it.

Sam quickly agreed “Si’s right, our home is here.”

“We’ve learnt from
every experience”

Meet our team

Our founders Simon Penn and Samantha How have lovingly grown a thriving agency and are thrilled to introduce the team to you here.

Sam How

Founder & CEO

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