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Katherine Samuelson is in Anomaly at The Old Red Lion

Client, Katherine Samuelson performs in the hard-hitting Anomaly at The Old Red Lion.

It’s 6 am. News has just broken that Phillip Preston, media mogul and film-industry powerhouse has been arrested for assaulting his wife.

His three daughters, who now lead very separate and very public lives, are left with the fallout. As they battle the world’s press, the board members of Preston International and each other, they soon find themselves not only fighting to save the Preston dynasty but to protect everything they know to be true.

In our Kardashian-soaked culture of sensationalism and the era of #MeToo, allegations are finally being taken seriously. The world is ready. But are we really listening?

Anomaly is not about men like Harvey Weinstein. Anomaly is a war cry for the women who have been left to pick up the pieces.


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