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We love to celebrate great news. We’re excited and proud to share a snapshot of soaring success stories featuring our diverse range of talent. We can only fit a tiny selection here so do check back regularly to see what our awesome performers and creatives are up to!


Lisa Mckeown and Matthew Ascroft join an amazing cast in Ibsen’s gripping, classic tale of hope in the face of infidelity and deceit. Frank Mcguiness’

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John Carter of Mars

Garry Tubbs has completed filming his featured role of Orkney Dig Worker in the forthcoming feature film, John Carter of Mars. The film is due

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Peter Pan

Marianna Neofitou joins a starstudded cast in the role of Wendy in Peter Pan at the Deco Theatre, Northampton. For more information or for tickets,

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An Argument About Sex

An argument about sex is a response to Pierre de Marivaux’s comedy, la dispute originally set in the height of aristocracy’s power in France before

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Halo Boy

After a highly successful 2008, where he completed filming the lead in feature, journey to the moon and presenting for new channel Kidisco, Jassa Ahluwalia

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Britain’s African Emperor

Matthew Wade has completed filming the role of Emperor’s Son, Caracalla, in the documentary Britain’s African Emporer. The documentary will be shown as part of

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