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Zara Jayne is in Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis

Zara Jayne is in the brilliant comedy Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis, a co-production between The Stephen Joseph Theatre and The New Vic Theatre.

It’s Josie’s birthday and she’s not happy about it. Being a stay at home dominatrix is hard enough but if you’re middle-aged you just get tired.

But Lionel – her most loyal customer – is determined to cheer her up. With the help of Josie’s ice skating obsessed daughter: Brenda Marie and their OCD, devout Irish Catholic cleaner: Martha, he is throwing a party. There’s even a special guest coming – the King himself. Elvis that is – in the form of brand new Elvis impersonator Timothy Wong. He might not know the songs but his outfits are spectacular.

Nobody is expecting the other surprise guest though, and she’s about to make sure the party gets all shook up. It’s time to grab a drink, swivel those hips and snarl those lips as the night really gets going.

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