In the spotlight

We love to celebrate great news. We’re excited and proud to share a snapshot of soaring success stories featuring our diverse range of talent. We can only fit a tiny selection here so do check back regularly to see what our awesome performers and creatives are up to!


Siânnae Anderson, Jessica Balmer, Victor Hugo and Madeleine Gray are appearing in Riches, now available to watch on Amazon Prime UK. Riches follows the exploits

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My Lady Jane

Isabella Brownson joins the cast of ‘My Lady Jane’ which will stream on Amazon Prime UK. Created by Gemma Burgess (Brooklyn Girls trilogy), based on the

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Small City

‘Small City’ has officially had its UK release & is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video & Sky Store. Mitchell Hunt plays the

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The Postcard Killings

Celine Arden plays the role of ‘Laura’ in ‘The Postcard Killings’ which is now available to stream on Amazon Prime UK. The film stars Jeffrey

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