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Parry Glasspool, Hollyoaks Later

Hollyoaks favourite Tony Hutchinson will be reunited with his estranged son Harry Thompson in the new series of Hollyoaks Later.

PARRY GLASSPOOL is on your screens all week in the role of Harry, becoming the third actor to take on the part.

Long-time Hollyoaks fans will know that Harry is Tony’s son with old flame Tessie Thompson.

Tony (Nick Pickard) didn’t know of Harry’s existence until 2007, missing out on the first eight years of his life. Even since then, he has only had infrequent contact with his child.

In Hollyoaks Later this week, Harry joins Tony as the businessman travels to Spain for his half-brother Dom’s wedding.

At first, there is romance on Harry’s mind as he gets to know a girl who catches his eye at a beach party.

Later, however, events take a much more sinister turn as Tony finds himself in a feud with a mysterious guy known only as ‘The White Man’, played by Danny Dyer. As a result, Harry is left in serious danger.

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