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My Mother Said I Never Should – The Reviews Are In!

My Mother Said I Never Should, Charlotte Keatley’s award-winning play, is a moving exploration of the relationships between mothers and daughters and the consequences of breaking the most sacred taboo of motherhood. A play about the choices we make which determine the course of our lives and how it is never too late to change.


This phenomenal play, with performances from a fantastic quartet of actresses, has been received very well by the press and we’re especially proud of the mentions for Serena Manteghi, represented by Sam@simonhow.com

“It’s a terrific, bittersweet play and this is a stand-out production. Maureen Lipman is brilliant as Doris”
The Times

“A cracking quartet of actresses. A real treat. This witty and moving examination has been finely revived.”

“A lovely performance of wide-eyed enthusiasm from Serena Manteghi”

Evening Standard

“Serena Manteghi’s Rosie – the family’s youngest member – has a winning frankness to her”

What’s On Stage

“Manteghi captures Rosie’s childhood without cliché and as the inevitable denouement looms, her pain is refreshingly free of melodrama”

“A quartet that must surely represent one of the finest ensembles in town”

Jonathan Baz

 – Simon & How Talent Agency, London, UK..

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