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Molly-Grace Cutler in ‘We’ll Live and Die in These Towns’ at The Belgrade Theatre.

A young rock musician, Argy, sits on the cusp of the big time only to suffer a crisis of confidence hours before the biggest performance of his life in a huge homecoming concert.

His manager, unable to convince him to sing, sends him away to re-visit his past and decide his future. So Argy walks the streets of his hometown, visiting family and friends in a bid to make sense of his feelings and find a way forward.

Argy’s worked his whole life for this break. But now it’s here, can he face down his fears and seize the moment?

Molly-Grace Cutler plays Shelly in this gritty and compelling new musical drama driven by the adrenaline-rush energy and working class poetry of songs from The Enemy’s number one debut album.

Written by Coventry writer, Geoff Thompson and directed by Hamish Glen. It’s designed by  Patrick Connellan and The Enemy’s Tom Clarke is the shows Musical Director.

Molly is represented by Emily Slack.


– Simon & How Talent Agency, London, UK..

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