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Limahl is in Earthquakes in London

Earthquakes in London opens at Ovalhouse tonight and 80’s superstar-turned-actor, Limahl, joins the cast of this fantastic Mike Bartlett play.

London. 2010. A new coalition government and an earthquake is on its way.

In this darkly comic rollercoaster of a show, we follow three sisters living very different lives since their father abandoned them. Over the course of three days, we watch them attempt to hang onto themselves and the lives they’ve built, whatever the consequences.

“It’s Weimar time, it’s Cabaret, across the world. You feel it, we all do. We know there’s nothing to be done, so we’re all dancing and drinking as fast as we can….”

Mike Bartlett’s passionate call to arms examines how the choices we make reverberate through the generations and challenges us to confront the question, just when is it too late to heal?


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