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Joshua Sinclair Evans is in Digging Deep at The Vaults Festival

Joshua Sinclair Evans joins the cast of Digging Deep which opens on February 20th at The Vaults Festival.

Mossy is done with life. He’s from the shit end of nowhere, with a shit job, and a shit life. He’s tried to make it work, but it’s time for him to leave. Goodnight Vienna. But the thought of leaving his Mum with a five grand bill is hard… so he comes up with the ingenious plan to ‘Fundraise his own Funeral’. His three best mates; Kane, Jack and Matt are horrified but reluctantly rise to the challenge – hoping that the experience might just make Mossy change his mind. But as the campaign goes viral, the world’s press descends, and the boys start choosing coffins, Mossy begins to feel the pressure…


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