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Currently rehearsing in Munich; KIERAN MORTELL joins TNT for the 2014 International Tour of FRANKENSTEIN, taking on the headline role of VICTOR.

Inspired by the dying wish of Professor Fleischflayer, Victor Frankenstein begins his quest to “Raise the dead!”… The company’s new production will explore Frankenstein (one of the most potent modern myths) through a Gothic comedy that mixes popular entertainment with a serious exploration of the darker themes Mary Shelley provides.

Should Scientific research be held back by irrational prejudice or religious belief? Is human cloning or stem cell research immoral? Should humanity seek to create artificial life? Can science ever be restrained? These pressing questions will be explored in this Gothic melodrama that switches from slapstick to spine-tingling terror, from love story to horror story and from thriller to tragedy as the MONSTER is revealed in all his lonely suffering.

M00158877-01– Simon & How Talent Agency, London, UK..

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