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Ben Tolley is in Beauty and the Beast in NYC

Beasts and beauties of all ages, join us this Christmas for a tale where beastliness is only skin deep.

Deep in the overgrown forest lies a mysterious, ruined castle with a very unusual inhabitant who lives under a terrible curse. In a farmhouse on the edge of town lives a family of three remarkable daughters and their weary father who struggles to make ends meet. Who will dare to go into the forest and what will they find? What is love and can it change our lives?

New International Encounter creates a rustic re‑telling of the French classic fairy tale, full of live music, fun and magic direct from a three week run in New York.

Featuring a daring heroine and a beast with impeccable table manners, Beauty And The Beast has played to over 22,000 people in Cambridge and Bristol with rave reviews and packed houses.


For enquiries please contact Emily Slack.

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