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Creative Director/Choreographer

Chris Baldock is a choreographer and director, working internationally across theatre, television, film, fashion and corporate shows. His creativity, passion and infectious energy make’s him highly sought after in the entertainment industry. His achievements as a choreographer build on his earlier success and experience as one of the most in-demand dancers of his generation.

It is no surprise that Chris Baldock’s artistry, infectious passion and sure-footed consistency have proved invaluable contributions on every production he commits to. Likewise, his generosity of spirit has touched many he has worked with, he’s inspired and nurtured some of whom have gone on to flourish as successful performers in their own right. With the same spirit and sense of purpose that he brings to every project, Chris looks forward in anticipation to the new challenges and professional adventures ahead.

Credits Include: Ant & Dec Takeaway Arena Tou, Royal Variety Show, Kids Say the Funniest Things, Top of the Pops, MOBO Awards, My Kind of Music, Tonight at the London Palladium, So You Think You Can Dance-USA, John Bishop’s ‘Sunchine’ Arena Tour, Nike, Adidas, Asics, Argos, McLaren F1, Faust-Feature Film.

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Stuart Benson


Stuart is a comedy writer and alumni of BBC Comedy Writers Room. After his submission for BBC Three’s Comedy Feed, his show was picked up by a producer and developed for BBC Radio 4, which then reached the first stage of commissioning in early 2017. Stuart writes for TV, Film and Sketch Comedy for the Stage.

As well as the BBC, Stuart has had multiple meetings with BigTalk, including Saurabh Kakkar, and interest from Objective Fiction, Comedy Central, Left Bank Pictures and Tiger Aspect.

Stuart is also an actor and has appeared in the Oscar winning ‘The Theory of Everything’, and played Dave in ‘Dave’s Wild Life’ a short film which screened at the Seattle International Film Festival and won an award from Mike Leigh. He has also appeared in commercials for top brands such as Moretti Beer, Hewlett Packard, Liverpool F.C. and Subway.

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Brunskill and Grimes

Theatre Company

Brunskill and Grimes is a collaboration between Andy Brunskill and Jimmy Grimes working across theatre, parades, events, film, tv and veterinary research. They make work with animal perspectives as the starting point for narrative. Their work is devised and always has at least one puppet at the centre of our stories. We like strong visuals, epic music and work which everyone can enjoy and creating unique interactions and experiences with puppets.

They cemented their relationship working as Associate Director and Puppet Director of War Horse in the West End and since then they have created work for venues including The Young Vic, the Orange Tree and the egg at Theatre Royal Bath and created parades for companies including Longleat Safari Park and Meadowhall Shopping Centre.

They like to develop work of all sorts of scale and ambition and when not making a show they are researching and developing a number of projects and ideas.

When working together Andy directs and writes and Jimmy designs and directs the puppetry.

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Andy Brunksill

Director & Writer

Andy is a director, writer, deviser and dramaturg working across plays, puppetry, dance and large scale events. He is particularly interested in cross-discipline collaboration and is one half of creative duo Brunskill and Grimes. 

Select credits include “The Space Between” (Young Vic); “Red Riding Hood and the Wolf” (Little Angel Theatre); “African Summer Parade” (Longleat Safari Park); “Duck, Death and the Tulip”, “Sing To Me Through Open Windows” (Orange Tree Theatre); “Home” (International Dance Festival Birmingham); Christmas Reindeer Experience (Meadowhall Shopping Centre). Prior to this he directed numerous play at small venues in London including three at the White Bear Theatre as an associate director of the venue. He has directed over 20 shows with and for young people at venues including the Young Vic, the National Theatre and the Orange Tree Theatre. 

He works extensively as a dramaturg and director developing new plays, concepts and ideas for independent artists and companies as well as his own work. He regularly teaches and runs workshops for universities and drama schools across the UK and runs training days, events and courses for law firms, banks, athletes and public speakers.

He was Associate Director of War Horse in the West End, Staff Director at the National Theatre, Jerwood Assistant Director at the Young Vic and a Trainee Director at the Orange Tree Theatre.

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Charlie Brunskill

Bushcraft Expert

Charlie is a high skilled Bushcraft instructor, teacher and writer and a serving Army Commando within the Royal Engineers. He is passionate about sharing his enthusiasm for all things outdoors. As a qualified Bushcraft and Survival instructor he advocates for the use of natural resources in wilderness living.

Recent work includes: extensive work with The Hive UK as lead instructor on Bushcraft skills and wilderness crafts for survival with modules including “Destination Jungle” and “Katniss Squad”; “Escape and Evasion” training for various school groups; published article on the history of survival for ‘The Tricorne’.

He devises workshops for outdoor companies as an expert advisor on the subject and has delivered various Bushcraft presentations for the British Army and Cadets on fire lighting, butchery and teaching on the natural world

Charlie regularly works with children, adults, professionals and military personnel focussing on the natural world and the importance of our countryside. He is passionate about passing on this information and the fact that, with just a tiny bit of knowledge, the natural world can be so much more interactive and interesting than just fields and trees.

When not instructing he is often found in the woods studying trees and their folklore, plants and their medicinal uses and manufacturing crafts from nature.
Charlie is a confident presenter and interested in TV and documentary work. His presenting style can be seen on his new YouTube channel and on his Instagram.

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Filipe J. Carvalho

Magic Consultant

Filipe J. Carvalho was born in Portugal and moved to London in 2007 to study Theatre Production at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

He developed a passion for magic throughout his childhood, learning the basics from an old family magic set. By the age of 13, he joined the Portuguese Association of Magicians, quickly discovering the art of stage performance.

Determined to forge a career within the industry, he pursued an education in technical theatre where he has directed, managed, and produced a variety of live entertainment shows, from musicals to immersive experiences.  

Filipe now combines his knowledge of magic and performance with his training in theatre production to create unique moments and illusions for other magicians and live shows. He also works with corporate clients to create bespoke magic stunts for events and social media platforms.

Past projects:
Mickey & The Magician (Disneyland Paris), Impossible Magic Show (West End), The Next Great Magician (TV), The Best Ever Christmas Show (UK Arena Tour), CBeebies Live (UK Arena Tour), Dinosaurs In The Wild (UK Tour), Ali Cook Magic Show (UK Tour), Underbelly (Social Media Stunt)

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Rachel Coffey

Voice Coach

Rachel is an established voice and dialect coach who has worked in the industry – Theatre, T.V. and film – for over 20 years. Having herself begun her career as an actor, Rachel has a deep understanding of the needs of a performer and the vocal challenges they may face. She uses innovative and well researched techniques to enable an actor or cast to quickly and authentically take on new dialects/ accents. She works with all aspects of the speaking voice helping actors further develop their skills including text, resonance, strength and clarity.

In addition to her work with actors Rachel regularly coaches a wide range of professionals in the worlds of business, entertainment and politics – helping them deliver their optimum performance. A specialist in vocal confidence, she successfully works with individuals to promote confidence, calm nerves and overcome stage fright. 

Rachel has an MA in Voice, from Birmingham School of Acting which she gained in association with the RSC, a BA in Acting studies from Manchester, along with being a qualified NLP Master practitioner and trained in hypnotherapy. She has worked with many different high profile individuals and companies including the Royal Court, Birmingham rep, ITV and also the Houses of Parliament.

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Paul Davidson


After undertaking the MA Screen writing course alongside MA Screen Acting at The Drama Centre London, Paul wrote his first short film for the Graduate Showcase. Since then he has been involved in numerous projects both in the UK as well as internationally. 

He wrote award winning music video ‘Witch In Me’, has had his work showcased at BAC in London, and has released the short comedy film ‘Article 50’ a co-production with Mini Mammoth Films and Paper Smokers, which was nominated for awards including ‘Best British Film’ 

Paul has experience as a stand up comedian and working in improvisational comedy groups. He is a keen writer for both stage and screen and is currently developing his first feature screenplay.

Aside from writing alone, Paul has also co-written ‘Spam’ a short format comedy with BBC writers room alumni Stuart Benson, which has gotten interest from top British talent to play one of the lead characters. Paul with be teaming up with Stuart again to write ‘FML’- a series of social media/ short sketches for anyone who has ever worked a job they hated.

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Amy Draper

Amy is a theatre-maker and director based in Bristol. She mainly makes new work for audiences of all ages.
Work includes Princess Charming (tour 2018 and Ovalhouse 2017); Islander (Mull Theatre and Scotland tour); Day of the Living (RSC); These Trees are Made of Blood (revival – Arcola); Bob (R&D at the RSC); Mother Courage (Fourth Monkey); Hansel and Gretel and Much Ado about Nothing (Iris Theatre – 5 Off-West End Award nominations, including Best Director); The Tempest, Macbeth, These Trees are Made of Blood, Usagi Yojimbo and Sunday Morning at the Centre of the World (Southwark Playhouse); Life on the Refrigerator Door (Yard Theatre); The Door (Park Theatre) and Angel Cake (Camden People’s Theatre).
Assistant Directing includes Comus (Shakespeare’s Globe); The Famous Victories of Henry V (RSC) and shows at the Arcola, Gate and Finborough. In 2013 she was the Community Director for the CASA Latin American Theatre Festival. She works as a freelance practitioner for the RSC Education Department.
Valium Sales Online Uk

Jonas Grimas

TV & Film Director
Jonas was named Cultural Personality of the Year at The Stockholm Cultural Awards in 2011, He is a Swedish film director, writer and producer who has been living in London since 1988. He won the BAFTA Film Award for best short film with ARTISTEN (The Artist) and was nominated for the same award with MAROONED starring Robert Carlyle.

He has made a name for himself making primetime British crime dramas directing episodes of HAMISH MACBETH, SILENT WITNESS and SECOND SIGHT starring Clive Owen, HOPE & GLORY with Sir Lenny Henry and THE HELLO GIRLS and many others. He was also a principal contributor to ITV’s HEARTBEAT, directing 30 episodes.

Invited back to Sweden he has directed two WALLANDER films: The Tricksters and The Photographer, RADIO SHADOW and THE COMMISSION. He won the prestigious job of adapting and directing Camilla Läckberg best-selling novels and ISPRINSESSAN (The Ice Princess) and PREDIKANTEN (The Preacher) for television.

Currently developing a string of feature film projects, he has made a number of documentaries, music and art films; with artist Stephen Chambers RA for the Royal Academy of Arts in London and the Venice Biennale. In the last year he has completed two short films, mentored 15 directors and writers making features and short films at the Met Film School, run two International Directing Summer Schools at the London Film School  and guest lectured at Goldsmith’s and The National Film & Television School.

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Jimmy Grimes

Puppetry Director, Designer & Maker
Jimmy Grimes is a puppetry director, designer and maker based in London. He was Associate Puppetry Director on the west end production of Warhorse, and is half of creative duo Brunskill & Grimes. He is particularly interested in creating detailed physical and psychological life in creatures, and the role of the visible puppeteer on stage.

Recent work includes forthcoming ‘Dr Dolittle’  (UK Tour), ‘The Hundred and One Dalmatians’ (Birmingham Rep), ‘The Space Between’ (Young Vic), ‘The Borrowers’ (Polka Theatre), ‘Red Riding Hood and the Wolf’ (Little Angel Theatre), and a range of puppetry on advertising campaigns with Blink Studios. He has taught puppetry extensively, at a range of universities and drama schools in the UK including The London Academy of Dramatic Art (Lamda), Mountiview Academy of Performing Arts, East 15 and Surrey University.

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Ali Hunter

Lighting Designer
Ali works as a lighting designer for theatre, dance, opera and everything in between. She trained on the postgraduate diploma in Lighting Design and Stage Electrics at RADA. Ali had a previous life as a linguist, studying international cinema, art, literature, architecture and she draws on all these influences in her lighting design work. She is fluent in Spanish and French and holds a New Zealand passport, allowing her to work in Australia and NZ visa-free.

Recent Credits: 16:30 (Barking Broadway), The War on Terry (Landor Space), The Boatswain’s Mate (Arcola), The Play About my Dad (Jermyn Street Theatre), The Biograph Girl (Finborough), Isaac Came Home from the Mountain (Theatre 503), Gracie (Finborough), Tune-D In (The Place),Woman Before a Glass (Jermyn Street Theatre), The Acid Test (The Cockpit Theatre), Doodle (Waterloo East Theatre), Cause (Vault Festival) Empty Beds and Moments (Hope Theatre), Rattlesnake (Open Clasp), Tenderly (New Wimbledon Studio), Katzenmusik (Royal Court), Foreign Body (Women of the World and Vault Festival). Ali is the Young Associate Lighting Designer for the Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures.

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Buying Valium On The Street

Simon Kane


As a director, Simon has worked on numerous plays and musicals with adults and children, his own writing and has been Associate/Resident Director to several high profile directors including Phil Willmott (Artistic Director of Steam Industry incorporating Finborough Theatre), Emma Callander (Associate Director of Traverse Theatre), Luke Sheppard (Director – In The Heights, Adrian Mole, Peter and The Starcatcher, Associate Director on Matilda), Racky Plews (American Idiot, Footloose) and Joe Douglas (Associate Director of the Dundee Rep Theatre and previously on Black Watch, National Theatre of Scotland). He is co-founder and director of the theatre company OddFlock.

In producing capacities, Simon has worked for the Battersea Arts Centre, Finborough Theatre, Youth Music Theatre UK, Crow Theatre, and the Artsdepot.
Simon’s recent work includes Infinite Joy at Southwark Playhouse and Oh My, Nellie Bly at The Bridewell Theatre for The MTA.

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Buy Diazepam 2Mg Tablets

Yasmeen Khan


Yasmeen Khan is a writer, broadcaster and performer. Her writing for stage includes the award-winning ‘Break the Floorboards’ (Rifco/Watford Palace), a comedy-drama. The show toured nationally, playing to over five thousand people and winning Best Live Event at the Asian Media Awards.
She recently completed a sitcom pilot commissioned by BBC Studios and is now working on her next television commission in addition to development for her one-woman stage show and her next play.
For BBC radio, she has written a wide selection of fictional monologues and short stories, ranging from a comedy about a lookalike agency, to a monologue based on verbatim experiences of Partition to a dating dairy for Radio 4 Woman’s Hour.
Yasmeen has also written and performed both plays and sketch comedy at The Pleasance, Soho Theatre, Tara Arts, Brighton and Edinburgh festivals and more.
She is a graduate of several prestigious writer development courses including The Royal Court (Critical Mass), Kali theatre, Criterion New Writing, Tamasha Playwrights 2016-17 and BBC EastEnders shadow scheme.
An award-winning radio presenter, Yasmeen has presented hundred of hours of live radio over the last decade for both national and local radio, covering everything from mainstream news and politics, arts, culture and lifestyle to late-night phone in shows. Her thirteenth documentary for BBC Radio 4 will air in early October 2018.

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James Robert Moore

Assistant/Resident Director

James trained as an actor at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York.
As Director: GUYS AND DOLLS (New Wimbledon Theatre) and 57TH NATIONAL MATHLETE SUM-IT (Stockwell Playhouse).
As Assistant Director: CALENDAR GIRLS THE MUSICAL (Phoenix Theatre, London) THE FULL MONTY (2016/2017 UK Tour), JERRY’S GIRLS (St James Theatre and Jermyn Street Theatre). Workshops include THE BAND MUSICAL. James was most recently assistant to director and choreographer Drew McOnie on STRICTLY BALLROOM (Piccadilly Theatre London).
Acting credits include: Fanny & Stella (Above The Stag); Privates on Parade (Greenwich Theatre and Manor Pavilion, Sidmouth); Expectations (Arcola Theatre); Meet Me in St Louis and Before The Night Is Through (Landor Theatre) and The Road To Qatar! (Edinburgh Fringe Festival).
James is also a keen playwright and was shortlisted for The Old Vic 12 in 2016. His debut play POSTERBOY won first prize in the Arch and Bruce Brown Playwright Competition in November 2017.

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Buy Cheap Valium Online

Jack Nurse


Jack is a critically-acclaimed director and theatre-maker. He trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and is the co-founder of Glasgow based theatre company Buy Bulk Diazepam Uk.

Jack’s work has been presented in theatres across the UK including the Citizens Theatre, Traverse Theatre, Tron Theatre, HOME, New Wolsey Theatre, Macrobert Arts Centre, Camden People’s Theatre, New Diorama Theatre, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Arches amongst others.

In 2014 Jack co-founded Wonder Fools, a Glasgow based theatre company. As a director for Wonder Fools, credits include: 549: Scots of the Spanish Civil War, McNeill of Tranent: Fastest Man in the World and The Coolidge Effect. Other directing credits include: Lampedusa (Citizens Theatre); O (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland); Too Fast and Sparkleshark (Fullarton Theatre). 

As an assistant director, Jack’s credits include Oresteia: This Restless House (Citizens Theatre/National Theatre of Scotland), Blackbird (Citizens Theatre), The Winter’s Tale (Royal Lyceum), Hay Fever (Royal Lyceum/Citizens Theatre) and The Broons (Sell A Door) for which he was Staff Director on its Scottish tour. Jack was also a member of the Almeida Theatre’s inaugural Resident Director Network 2016-17. 

Currently, Jack is planning a Scottish tour of his production of 549: Scots of the Spanish Civil War for Spring 2019; and preparing to become the Resident Director of the UK Tour of Dr Dolittle by Leslie Bricusse for Music and Lyrics (2018-2019).

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Buy Roche Diazepam Uk

Hugh Purves

Puppet & Prop Designer

Hugh is a puppet designer & performer and costume and prop-maker based in London. He has made puppets, props and costume for Theatre and Film projects large and small. Significant credits include: Siegfried – Chicago Lyric Opera, Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons Recomposed – Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, The Grinning Man – Bristol Old Vic & Trafalgar Studios, Running Wild – Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre & The Lorax – The Old Vic.

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Buy Valium Diazepam 10Mg

Fin Redshaw


Fin Redshaw graduated with a first class BA Performance Design degree from The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in 2016. 

Her design works include In Arabia We’d all be Kings (Bute Theatre), Mojo (Richard Burton Theatre), As it occurs to me (Leicester Square Theatre), Zero for the Young Dudes (Sherman Studio), PLAY Takeover (Bunker Theatre), Islanders (Soho Theatre Upstairs), Muswell Hill (Linbury Studio) and Love Me Now (Tristan Bates Theatre). She has recently designed new musical Pieces Of String (Mercury Theatre Colchester) after winning her category in the Linbury Prize 2017. She was the 2016-17 Old Vic 12 Designer and has also been nominated as Best Designer in The Stage Debut Awards 2018.

Fin has also worked as a design assistant to Rob Howell, Bob Crowley, Jonathan Fensom, Es Devlin and Ian McNeil.

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Buy Valium In Australia

Shaun Paul Smith


Shaun Paul Smith is a widely renowned and sought after Choreographer who is well known for his versatility. His credits include: Choreographer for Kidz Bop UK, assistant choreographer on ‘The Voice UK’ and Resident Director for the acclaimed ZooNation Dance company.
Specialising in working with youth, Shaun, a Father of two has a passion for educating, developing and creating a fun, hard working and creative environment for our young performers.
If you are looking to work with young professionals on your next project, then Shaun should be your first call to guarantee your shoot or show goes without a hitch.
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Buy Brand Valium Online

Sam Waddington

Lighting Designer

Training: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Designs include: Wasted, The Country Wife, Superhero (Southwark Playhouse), Not Now, Bernard, Seesaw, Big Love (Unicorn Theatre), Big Aftermath of a Small Disclosure (Actors Touring Company), Our Town, Spring Storm (The North Wall Theatre for Oxford School of Drama), Return to the Forbidden Planet, Top Hat, Treating Odette, Anything Goes, Wallis, Legally Blonde (Upstairs at the Gatehouse), The Cherry Orchard, Lucky Stiff (The Union Theatre), 35mm: A Musical Exhibition (The Other Palace), The World Goes Round, Rhythm of Life (St James Theatre), Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Three Tryers (Landor Theatre), Joy (Theatre Royal Stratford East), Richard III (Swan Theatre, RSC/Leicester Square Theatre for CVP), RAZ (UK Tour), Remember, Remember (Norden Farm Centre for the Arts), Skate Hard, Turn Left (Battersea Arts Centre), The Sorrows of Satan (Tristan Bates Theatre), Daddy’s Girl (The Vaults), Birthday Suit, The Past is a Tattooed Sailor (Old Red Lion Theatre), The Great Divide (Finborough Theatre)

As Associate/Assistant Lighting Designer: For Bruno Poet: Dusty (UK Tour), For Hugh Vanstone: The Caretaker, The Master Builder (The Old Vic), For David W Kidd: The Velveteen Rabbit (Unicorn Theatre)

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