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Night Bus at BFI

A series of funny, touching and surprising encounters take place one night among the diverse passengers of a London night bus and this gem of a film, showing at the BFI, stars our phenomenal MATTHEW JURE (represented by Sam) and features the brilliant SOPHIE ANDERSON (represented by Jessica)

A double-decker bus weaves through London’s rain-glistened, near-deserted night streets. Gradually we meet the people onboard, of all different ages and nationalities: competitive work colleagues and jaded partners; loud drunks and cheeky fare dodgers; a long-suffering driver and random strangers who strike up the unlikeliest of conversations. Even if you’ve never taken a London night bus (though especially if you have), big city dwellers will recognise the ebb and flow of a bustling metropolis’ nocturnal rhythms and the often-enforced intimacy of public transport. Beautifully shot, with an evocative score, writer-director Simon Baker backs his perceptive, very funny script with a revolving cast of largely unknown but assured performers. Together they’ve arrived with an impressive, truly independent British film – a fascinating snapshot of modern London on the move in all its defiant, cussed and vibrant diversity. It’s a ride well worth getting onboard.


night-bus-003– Simon & How Talent Agency, London, UK..

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