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Hollyoaks Later

We’re so proud to announce that one of S&H’s youngest clients, PARRY GLASSPOOL, is filming the late night, post-watershed & hugely popular Hollyoaks Later. This year it promises to be bigger than ever and Parry will be in all five episodes in the leading role of Harry.

Hollyoaks Later 2013 will broadcast during the autumn and the storylines will feature character Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) facing up to his demons as he battles against cancer, bringing together Tony’s old friends Kurt Benson (played by Jeremy Edwards) Finn (played by James Redmond) and brother Dom (played by John Pickard) alongside a host of unexpected and unhinged characters throughout Spanish and Moroccan locations.

The series will also star Cockney hardman, Danny Dyer, as ex-pat, known ominously as ‘The White Man’.

Can’t wait for this to hit our screens.

For more information, please visit http://www.e4.com/blog/hollyoaks/post/ndummvzsfpwzfhilvceeuj/view.e4

– Simon & How Talent Agency, London, UK..

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