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Acceptance by Amy Ng, Vibrant 15 Festival

Matt Ray Brown is proud to be a part of Finborough Theatre’s Vibrant 15 season. Amy Ng’s new script is described as an intricate web of relationships and prejudices. The play provokes the audience to challenge assumptions and take nothing for granted.

Angela Chan from Hong Kong is a prodigy,  a brilliant musician – and she’s drop dead gorgeous.
Joy Clarke from Huddersfield is an original – driven, honest and totally committed to achieving a level playing field for people of colour.

Both have their eyes on the prize in America’s elite Eliot University.   But Angela is raped by her music tutor. And her allegations are rejected. Is she a victim or a liar?

When Joy, as the newly appointed Diversity expert, takes up Angela’s case to be accepted into Eliot,  a tornado is unleashed in the oak-panelled corridors  as a raft of attitudes and agendas is held up to the light.

Read Matt’s interview on working on the piece http://www.wellswaypopup.co.uk/#!Acceptance-for-Vibrant-2015/ckby/5630a7ef0cf2ce5bf430cb16

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