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Natalie: Is raging more common in men or women buy confido 60caps lowest price androgen hormone women, or does it occur at about the same rate in each population? Since men are stronger purchase confido 60caps otc prostate cancer 5k los angeles, they may be more dangerous when raging, but some women are amazingly powerful when raging and weapons increase the risk. Potter-Efron: a) I have questionnaires in my book, Rage: A Step-by-Step Guide to Overcoming Explosive Anger, that help people identify that they rage, what kind of rages they have, and the details of specific rages. Getting as much information as possible as quickly as you can is the first step. They probably know from past experience what works best (For instance, getting away for a couple days or going to an AA meeting or taking a medicine). Find out if they really can and will take these immediate safety measures. Potter-Efron: Seething rages are like underground fires. People seethe often without anybody realizing how furious about life they are. Then they sometimes explode in a hail of gunfire, going on Columbine and Virginia Tech type rampages. The best approach here is to get people to discuss their resentments before they build up into hatreds. Seethers need help learning to let go of the past and get into the present. Forgiveness work helps with some people but it is a long-term process. Also, like impotent ragers, they need to direct their fury in some effective direction such as politics or advocacy. Natalie: Last year a study came out about that concluded that intermittent explosive disorder is more common than previously thought. What is IED, how many ragers actually have it, and why is there controversy surrounding this diagnosis? Potter-Efron: IED stands for intermittent explosive disorder, said to effect perhaps 7% of the population over a lifetime. It is the only diagnostic category for anger and violence in the psychological diagnostic book (The DSM-4) and so has become kind of a garbage can.

People who attempt suicide are often acutely distressed and the vast majority are depressed to some extent order 60caps confido amex prostate cancer 83 year old man. This depression may be either a reactive depression which is an entirely normal reaction to difficult circumstances buy confido 60 caps visa androgen hormone young, or may be an endogenous depression which is the result of a diagnosable mental illness with other underlying causes. The question of mental illness is a difficult one because both these kinds of depression may have similar symptoms and effects. Furthermore, the exact definition of depression as a diagnosable mental illnesses (i. For example, Appleby and Condonis write:The majority of individuals who commit suicide do not have a diagnosable mental illness. They are people just like you and I who at a particular time are feeling isolated, desperately unhappy and alone. In a society where there is much stigma and ignorance regarding mental illness, a person who feels suicidal may fear that other people will think they are "crazy" if they tell them how they feel, and so may be reluctant to reach out for help in a crisis. People who are suffering from a mental illness such as schizophrenia or clinical depression do have significantly higher suicide rates than average, although they are still in the minority of attemptors. For these people, having their illness correctly diagnosed can mean that an appropriate treatment can begin to address it. For more information about clinical depression, visit the Depression Center. The quote above is taken from "Hearing the Cry: Suicide Prevention", Appleby and Condonis, 1990. Talking about the feelings surrounding suicide promotes understanding and can greatly reduce the immediate distress of a suicidal person. In particular, it is OK to ask someone if they are considering suicide, if you suspect that they are not coping.

While eating disorders are often complex and may take years to successfully treat order confido 60 caps on line prostate cancer 20s, full eating disorder recovery is entirely possible buy confido 60 caps line prostate cancer gleason scale. Eating disorder support groups are commonly used both during treatment and in the recovery of eating disorders. Eating disorder support groups provide sufferers a way to meet others going through the same or similar struggles. Sometimes feeling like, "no one understands them," seeing others with eating disorders can make a patient feel more comfortable to share her/his feelings knowing that those around them will not judge and will offer eating disorder support. Eating disorder support groups are typically tied to an organization, an eating disorder treatment center or a 12-step model. Common support groups are:Affiliated with the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)Affiliated with the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD)Based on 12-step programs like: Eating Disorders Anonymous, Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous, and Overeaters AnonymousMany organizations both online and through facilities are members of NEDA. NEDA, a nonprofit group, "supports individuals and families affected by eating disorders, and serves as a catalyst for prevention, cures and access to quality care. A wide variety of eating disorder support and treatment options for eating disorders are available. ANAD provides eating disorder support through a helpline, its website, and a comprehensive list of eating disorder treatment providers and eating disorder support groups. ANAD also assists in setting up additional support groups, both for eating disorder patients and for families of those with an eating disorder, worldwide. Several 12-step eating disorders support groups are available, such as Eating Disorders Anonymous, Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous, and Overeaters Anonymous. These groups are based on a 12-step model of recovery similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. Eating disorder recovery is considered a lifelong process and these eating disorder support groups use terminology like, "sobriety in our eating practices. These 12-step eating disorder support groups are:Not therapy or a substitute for therapyNot affiliated with religions or other groupsGroups can be attended any time and the only group requirement is a desire to stop unhealthy eating practices or recover from an eating disorder. Eating disorder support can be found online and in person.

The adults talk about how wonderful this move will be for everyone buy discount confido 60 caps on-line prostate cancer nomograms. They talk about how happy the 7 year old child will be in the new environment buy 60 caps confido androgen hormone oxytocin. When the child shows any sign of fear, pain or loss, she is metaphorically "force fed" bright happy stories. She is learning that she cannot express herself, cannot find any validation for her experience, has to find a way to tolerate the agony of loss, i. So, she has a secret from herself that she is very angry, that she feels betrayed, that she is helpless, that she has no vote, that she must go along with the powers that be. She may start tripling up on chocolate chip cookies, but she will stop complaining. Later in life she may not remember this experience at all. Or she may remember it through the adults eyes and minimize her personal experience. But she will notice that she finds it difficult to say no to someone in authority. Perhaps she eats and smiles as she agrees verbally with someone (like a spouse or a boss or a leader of some kind) and inside she disagrees very much. Getting back to the original story and, most of all, getting back to those original and genuine feelings from the past, working them through with honesty, can release a person from compelling and painful behaviors in the present. Jersey: It can come from physical abuse, emotional abuse, conditional love, etc. I start each day with a vow and ultimately feel emotionally terrible, binge eating and purge. Are these secrets then like: child abuse, emotional neglect, poor self-esteem? However, we can misinterpret our feelings, judge them and ourselves and dig ourselves into a pit of depression. Everyone one of us is a success just by making this far.

If this is true discount confido 60caps man health world, then what is the best way to help my friend to talk about what she ate that day and help her realize it was not "too much" or should I not bring it up at all? Young: Joycie proven confido 60caps prostate health and sex, it is great you want to help your friend! This is a common concern, because actually focusing too much on the food and eating can make things worse, since needing control may be a factor for the anorexic. You should be there to listen, validate feelings, and tell your friend all the great things about her or him. Is there anywhere that I can get help (as cheap as possible) without my parents finding out? You may need to consider whether its worth involving them to get financial help and whether they can be of any support. If it is really not an option, than please check at any local colleges or universities, because they usually offer counseling programs. ANAD is a group that runs free support groups in many areas. Young, how would you suggest that teenagers with eating disorders broach the subject with their parents? I know it is tough and may go against a long family pattern. Sometimes it helps to share a book on eating disorders, or written information, like from a website. Basically, tell them whichever way you can, the behavior and how you feel about it. Let them know you love them and need their help and support.